These courses are dedicated to woman looking for solutions to their hormone problems

My goal is to help you lose the weight, gain the energy, improve your fertility, get quality sleep, find balance, and feel sexy again

I will teach you how to heal with your lifestyle, natural medicine, food, herbs, plants, movement and mindset
Cycle Synching - Balanced Hormones + Better Periods

Learn about your body's natural rhythm and what to do at each phase of your cycle to improve your periods, mood, sex drive and energy.

A Hormone-Healthy Guide to an Anti-Aging AM+PM Skincare Routine

Learn what to look for, what to avoid, and how to create an easy, effective and hormone-healthy skincare routine.

7 Steps To Boost Your Fertility

Coming soon!

Learn how to increase your fertility by making small changes to your everyday routines to balance your hormones naturally.

Hi, I’m Dr. Alyssa

So nice to meet you!

Let me introduce myself - I am a Wisconsin-born farm girl, mama of 4, and lover of water, wellness & wonder.

My passion with healthy hormones came from my own struggles with terrible periods, endometriosis, migraines, acne, and crazy mood swings. The only answer doctors had for me was birth control. When birth control wasn't helping, they would try another...and another...and another. This led me to look for other options for healing and get to the ROOT cause of all my problems. I found a Functional Medicine doctor that opened my eyes to other forms of healing, including making changes to my lifestyle, mindset, and toxic products I was putting in and on my body.

After learning how to heal my hormones and overall health (without medication or birth control) I want to empower other women to find their road back to health and create the best version of themselves.